is proud to announce a partnership with Central and Eastern European art branding company, Victory Art! Owner and chef of by FLIPP, Florian van Dillen, has a sharp eye for aesthetics, as can be seen in his delicate and artistic plating of food and drink. Together with the CEO of Victory Art, Viktória Pikovská, he has selected four artworks that will be on display for 6 months until the end of February, giving you plenty of time to make a reservation, and experience one of Rotterdam’s most incredible fine dining locations with exclusive artworks. The artwork provided by Victory art, will be available to purchase for the entire duration of its display by FLIPP.

ONTHEROCKX Bar Cocktails
ONTHEROCKX Bar Cocktails

The four artworks

displayed in the by FLIPP space are by the incredible artist Zuzana Bürger. All the pieces on display are currently for sale, ranging from 1,200 € to 1,800 €, and can be found on the Victory Art website. Three of the artworks, Reflection, The Eye of Eternity, and The Birth of the Infinite, are displayed together on white canvases, and bring a pop of glamour to the lighter spaces, while the final work, Golden Flowers, grounds an exposed brick wall in the classical style of the restaurant with a darker look.

Victory Art is representing, promoting, and managing emerging Central Eastern European artists and advocating for modern perspectives of Eastern Europe.

Zuzana Bürger is one of the most prolific artists at Victory Art, with a large collection of artwork both sold and still available. Hailing from the Czech Republic, and bringing with her a great academic and professional history, Zuzana’s abstract artwork is perfect for minimalist and classic interior design. Eternal luxury is a common theme in Zuzana’s craft, and it’s no wonder that Florian van Dillen was enamored by the subtle and elegant style of the four selected pieces! Zuzana has even more artwork available on the website, and her graphic design and illustration work is also to marvel at! 

Her Victory Art business cards are up for grabs in the by FLIPP location, should you drop in for a visit!

ONTHEROCKX Bar Cocktails
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